The best play area for kids

best play area for kids

I unexpectedly created the best play area for kids after a friend gave us a brand new metal swingset, still in the box, that had been sitting in their garage for several years. Then, it sat in the box in our garage for 2 more years. I didn’t feel like assembling it, and I knew it would rust quickly here in hot, humid Florida to become yet another eyesore in our yard.

One day, I was out in the garage doing laundry when my son asked (for the 100th time) if we could set up the swing set. As much as I didn’t want to, I figured it would be worth the fun they would have on it for the year it lasted.

We opened the box and stared at the hundreds of parts and pieces and nuts and bolts. I looked up to the sky to find the patience I would need for this project. That was when I noticed the hooks hanging from the garage ceiling.

I took the swings, the handlebars, and the rope swing and some heavy-duty carabiners. I clipped the attachments to the hooks and 15 minutes later we had the best play area for kids!

We had a portable air conditioner (sitting with all our hurricane supplies) and within 30 minutes, we had an air-conditioned indoor playground that the kids could play on, while I did laundry!

Best. Decision. Ever.

Excuse the mess, this is real life…

I made it a little safer with some play mats. I glued pool noodles to the step. Over time, we found so many different swinging contraptions, a punching bag and a hammock (for mommy to chill) to hang. I swap them out every once in a while (which simply takes a chair and 2 minutes).

Other activies for the play area

We have found so many more fun activities to incorporate into our play area. This trampoline is a favorite. As well as this slide that has been repurposed for hot wheels races. I found this dartboard at goodwill and it’s amazing. The darts are so strong, that even when the kids are few inches off, it gravitates to the board.

We moved our Echo Show out there so we can listen to music and ended up using it to watch workout videos. It quickly turned into a workout studio for me, someone who never liked to workout. My 7-year-old discovered the concept of “abs” from my workout video and now wants a 6 pack. I got him this sit up bar and attached it to the wall. Every morning he wakes up and does 10 situps.

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How to hang the hooks

There are many sites online that can instruct you on how to hang hooks from the ceiling if you don’t already have some, just search for “how to hang a punching bag”.

I was fortunate enough to already have hooks, plus I used the metal tracks that are already hung for the garage door and track.

I still have not got up in the garage to see how these are in there, but they are extremely well done by someone who knew what they were doing. I have no doubt they won’t slip out of the ceiling.

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