Spurred Butterfly Pea

spurred butterfly pea native florida-min

Spurred Butterfly Pea (centrosema virginianum) is a Florida native vining perennial.

It grows to 6 feet long or more at a moderate growth rate and has lavender/pink pea-like flowers which are normally an inch in diameter in clusters ranging from 1-3 flowers.

This Florida native grows in zones 7-10 and flowers most of the year but more so in the summer and fall.

It has a somewhat low salt tolerance but we have spotted them growing next to the brackish water of the Indian River. It also has trailing tendencies if not given a support structure, so it can be used as a ground cover.

It is often pollinated by bees and is a larval host plant to the northern cloudywing and the long-tailed skipper.

It can grow in many types of soils but prefers sandy well-draining soils. It also prefers full sun but will work in some shade and has a high drought tolerance.

As a legume, it is a nitrogen fixer.

This Florida native vine is a great addition to any butterfly garden and food forest!

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