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My boys and I have worked hard to turn our little piece of Earth (2.6 acres) into a food forest. Our property is full of fruit, vegetables, wild life and some incredible learning opportunities. Gardening has been a great way to teach the kids (and myself) about nature and the importance of respecting their place in this world too.

the kids and i

The kids always find something to do in the yard, and they have learned from some really cool projects we have done over the years. The kids’ friends are always excited to see what we we have going on, so much so, that I started teaching gardening classes at the local garden center to try to encourage others to get involved in gardening.

We’ve recently added the business aspect to our gardening by selling seeds on eBay. All the seeds we sell have been grown, counted by hand & packaged by us! 

Sticking up for life

and growing a better world

Gardening for beginners

zone 9b, Florida

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food forest and edible landscaping

I started this site as a way to share our gardening experiences and inspire others to garden. Collectively, our gardens create safe havens for the animals that continue to lose their habitats.

Why does it matter if we lose bugs and birds anyways? 

It matters so much, it’s scary. I first heard this comparison in the audiobook Bringing Nature Home. The ecosystem was compared to an airplane, and the insects, birds and wildlife were the rivets to hold it together. You can lose a lot of rivets, and that plane will be fine…but at some point, it is going to fail. 

He then compared it to jenga. You can pull a bunch of blocks out without the tower falling, but which block is the one to make it crumble? Which insect or animal or plant has such a huge impact on our ecosystem, that when it is gone -humans will severely struggle or, not even be able to survive at all?

When do we poision our ground water so much that we can’t drink it?  Or when the air is so polluted we shouldn’t breathe it in? The Earth will be okay, it has overcome events way worse. for billions of years. But if people don’t figure this out, we, as a species, are going to be in trouble.


norman's natives

in 2019, I teamed up with norman from norman’s natives, who is a native florida plant expert with a business mindset.


Norman's Natives
florida native plant expert

he has taught us the importance of adding native species of plants to our gardens along with some great tips and tricks to keep your garden happy and healthy.

We look forward to sharing, learning and growing together.