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growing food, growing up and moving on. 

sticking up for life

the food forest

Our little piece of Earth (2.6 acres) is a food forest, full of fruit and vegetables and incredible learning opportunities. I planted the first seed when we purchased our home in 2014 and have learned so much about gardening since then. 

It has been a great way to teach my kids (and myself) about nature and the importance of being a respectful person. It helps me not lose touch with my purpose in life.

Gardening is a slow process, you just have to sit back and let nature do the work.

the kids

It has been fun watching my boys grow up with all the projects we do and all the things we learn. But, it wasn’t until they started having friends over that I realized how cool our place really is. 

I started teaching gardening classes to kids at the local garden center and it has been so rewarding. 


I’ve spent the last few years finding whatever it is I can do to help enjoy my life, while simultaneously dealing with some really tough situations. 

But, I made the awesome decision to chose to live my life, not just survive.

I obsessively focus on bettering myself. I’ve learned to overcome challenges, get over the daily stresses and get stuff done.  

I set goals and figure out what I need to do to achieve them.

learn how a garden can change YOur life

fOR Life

Gardening creates an ecosystem that relies on each other to survive.

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tree climber/Fruit eater


I planted a little strawberry fruit tree when Jax was too young to walk. Today, the tree is over 12 feet tall…and he climbs all the way to the top to get the fruit.

Gardening for beginners

zone 9b, Florida

Grow your own food

food forest and edible landscaping

I started this site as a way to share our gardening experiences and inspire others. 

Along the way, I stumbled into marketing, photography and the dream of working from home.

norman's natives

in 2019, I teamed up with norman from norman’s natives, who is a native florida plant expert with a business mindset.


Norman's Natives
florida native plant expert

he has taught us the importance of adding native species of plants to our gardens along with some great tips and tricks to keep your garden happy and healthy.

We look forward to sharing, learning and growing together.


and now we’re on a mission to change the world, one garden at a time.