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In 2014, I set out on a mission to grow food for my family and started turning our 2.6 acre landscape into a food forest and garden.   It has taken years of patience and hard work, but I’m am rewarded every time I walk around the yard.

We harvest food, watch the wildlife and enjoy having such peaceful place to hang out. 

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Want to get into gardening, but don’t know where to start? Just start. There is a lot to learn and it takes time for everything to become established. 

Need some ideas for your zone 9b food forest garden? Check out our ‘edible plants’ list to see what we have growing in our yard and check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see more about what we do around here.

 Not only does our garden provide us with a lot food, but it gives us so much joy and entertainment, which was a life saver during the quarantine. 

Raising my kids in a food forest has been a fascinating, educational and rewarding way of life. We always end up stumbling on something interesting to do in the garden, and it has grown just as many memories as it has food. 

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