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Our Plants

All plants serve a purpose. Check out the edible and beneficial plants we grow in our zone 9b garden and learn more about why we grow them.

Chaya: Tree Spinach

Cnidoscolus aconitifolius My Chaya (aka tree spinach) trees are frequently in bloom, showing off several clumps of small white flowers that are always buzzing with

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support local

Learn more about Brevard County, Florida and how we can use our gardens to have a positive impact on our fragile ecosystem.

Norman’s natives

Norman’s Natives growing natives in Florida, zone 9b Why Plant Native Florida Plants? Native plants are easy to grow, and are very much needed to

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Great gardeners explore their yard frequently to see what’s going on out there. You can learn so much by simply observing the leaves, soil, insects.


gardening concepts you need to know

Grow food the easy way – the way nature does it.


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